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    Neil Angus, a Victorian state politician and the State Member for Forest Hill has been our Principal for the Day. He is a big supporter of Orchard Grove Primary School. Neil has spent the day visiting classrooms, doing playground duty and even learning how to ‘hula’ with the hula hoop. The Year 6 students and Neil participated in a lawn bowls session conducted by Paul Holtschke from ‘Bowls Victoria’ and, judging from the photo below, had a great time.
    Neil Angus

    What’s happening in the Art Room this term:

    Foundation: Our wonderful young artists will be drawing, printing, creating collages and constructing simple string puppets as they journey their way through magical traditional tales. Castles and all their characters will feature as will a friendly baby dragon string puppet that is sure to be easily trained! Cutting, drawing, tying, threading, modelling and controlling tools and materials, including building bricks and play dough, are the skills practised each week and it’s terrific to see these develop during the year. The ideas the children are so willing to share in their first year of school are precious too. Celebrating creativity across the school will see these ideas shared with the school community through exhibitions and joint activities.

    Year One and Two:
    All Afloat on the Level Two boat. This term we will be celebrating sailing. Paper fold boats, still life sketches, an appreciation of the Van Gogh water colour boats, and large cardboard box construction pirate ships will see the Level Two hub transformed into Orchard Cove, creating a space for imaginative play and literacy experiences to be shared by all. A visit from Sailing Victoria will provide a wonderful opportunity for us to explore the design features of a sailing boat and help us to then create our own balsa boats.
    The term will conclude with a wonderful regatta as the balsa boats are launched and everyone’s creativity will be seen and celebrated.

    Year Three and Four:
    Wood and Wire and All things that Inspire:
    Using natural materials, wood, clay and twine, students will each create a beautiful bird feeder. Special attention will be paid to the features of the wood, for example, the grain. Drilling and sanding, varnishing and finishing will be the main skills practised in this construction activity.
    Having completed the feeders, students will be invited to observe what is attracted to the seeds and then begin a mini study of the dragonfly, focussing on the line and pattern of these delicate creatures. Still life drawing and then wire construction will follow.

    Having seen the detail in our natural world how can we re-create all that we see? Painting, sketching, printing…3D printing! An incursion from Maker Machine featuring a 3D printer is sure to inspire.

    Year Five & Six:
    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
    Sometimes when you see a piece of art or an image you can be lost for words.
    Photo shop stencil making will see the students expand their knowledge of stencil creation and introduce the idea of capturing light and shadow. We will expand on this idea using SLR cameras to take black and white film shots of the area around school. Developing film in the art room is always exciting to watch and thanks to Mark Woodfield, every student will have photographs to treasure. Creative photography at it’s best.
    Stencils were certainly a feature of our street art unit and skateboard decks and a renovation of the canteen area will allow students the opportunity to practise their street art skills further. Again light and shadow will feature as a consideration during these projects.

    We have started our ‘Warmth of Wool’ Campaign again. If you remember from last year, members of our school community (staff, students and parents) knitted squares of wool which were then made up into blankets and donated to needy people.

    The picture below shows a magnificent crocheted blanket made and donated by Mrs Pat Manly, grandmother of Austin. This was done during last year’s campaign

    If you would like to assist in 2014, you need to knit a square – 40 stitches by 80 rows using 8 ply wool and size 4 needles. We would love as many as possible to make up our blankets. We will be knitting (or crocheting) until the end of August. if you have any to donate, please bring them to the front office or the Art Room.

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