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13th April: Term 2 begins

20th & 21st May: Forces of Nature Incursion – Year 3 & 4
20th – 26th May: Library – Book Fair
27th May: Monash Teddy Bear Hospital visit – Foundation
Foundation 2016 School Tour 2.15pm (bookings essential)
29th May: Winter Interschool Sport – Year 5 & 6
Wild Action Incursion Year 1
1st June: Wild Action Incursion Year 2
Foundation 2016 School Tour 9.30am (bookings esstential)
4th June: Division Cross Country
5th June: Curriculum Day (no students required)
8th June: Queens Birthday Holiday
10th-12th June: Year 3 Camp to Healesville
10th June: Family Life Victoria parent & child sessions 5.45pm – 9.15pm (bookings essential)
12th June: Winter Interschool Sport – Year 5 & 6

Year 4 Camp – the latest!
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Bully Stoppers: Being Cool Online

Better Buddies Online Newsletter – Term 1, 2015

Students achieve their best at school in safe and supportive environments, where they are free from bullying and disruptive behavior. We put a big emphasis on making sure we provide a great environment for our students – one that promotes tolerance and is inclusive, harmonious and free from bullying.

We can work towards this goal through education in the classroom, intervention in the playground and a focus on promoting positive behavior.

However, with the rise of social media, bullying now occurs online, as well as in person. Cyberbullying is just as harmful as face-to-face bullying, and online actions can have real life consequences.

Cyberbullying is an increasing issue in the wider community – and the best way to tackle it is for schools, students and parents to work in partnership.

Orchard Grove Primary School is supporting the Victorian Government’s Bully Stoppers campaign – which has just launched a new series of tools and resources for parents and students to support students in preventing cyberbullying and how to practice Netiquette.

These resources, called Bully Stoppers: Being Cool Online, are available on the Bully Stoppers website, at www.education.vic.gov.au/bullystoppers – visit the site to find out more.