Victorian Curriculum and New Reporting Guidelines

Teachers will still use the continuum of learning to identify the next stage of learning progression for each student, but the focus will be on the quality of work within the expected range of achievement. Please see the example below.
Report C
Each semester, schools must report on English, Mathematics and Personal and Social Capability. In the course of each two-year band of school, schools will report on student achievement in each learning area and capability.
In Semester 1, Orchard Grove Primary School, will report on English, Mathematics and Personal and Social Capability, and each Specialist area. In addition, each student will have a portfolio showcasing work samples from the areas of Writing, Mathematics, Integrated/Inquiry and at least two areas of the Specialists’ programs. These work samples will be marked against rubrics and include the links to the Victorian Curriculum
A rubric for assessment is a tool used to analyse students’ work against criteria and standards. Rubrics can be designed for any learning area. A rubric makes explicit a range of assessment criteria and expected performance standards. Teachers evaluate a student’s performance against all of these, rather than assigning a single score. A rubric generally:
• is handed out to students prior to the task and makes them aware of all expectations related to the assessment, and helps them evaluate their own work as it progresses
• helps teachers apply consistent standards when assessing, and promotes consistency in shared marking
• makes the learning visible – in other words, the students know exactly what is being asked of them.
We hope you are pleased with Orchard Grove’s new student reporting package and we will seek parent feedback in Term 3 after you have had an opportunity to see first-hand your child’s report. Parent Teacher interviews will be held in the last week of this Term. Please watch the web site and read newsletters for alerts to when the booking system will be open.

2016 – MAY

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Orchard Grove Primary School is committed to keeping children safe from violence and preventing all types of bullying.

We are an eSmart school and our aim is to empower our students to be smart, safe and responsible users of technology. Our vision is that our students will never accept online bullying as something that just ‘happens’. Our school is developing a culture where such things are not only frowned upon, but that students will work together to eradicate.

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