The teachers are planning science experiments in preparation for Science Week … Who knows what material has been used in this one? The first person to tell Mrs Bird (FRB) will win 500 house points and the opportunity to participate in the demonstration and filming of a science experiment to be shown at assembly on Friday 25th August!


21 – 25 – Book Week
25 – Summer Sports – Year 5 & 6

For more information about our Fiesta, please click HERE.

Orchard Grove Primary School is committed to keeping children safe from violence and preventing all types of bullying.

We are an eSmart school and our aim is to empower our students to be smart, safe and responsible users of technology. Our vision is that our students will never accept online bullying as something that just ‘happens’. Our school is developing a culture where such things are not only frowned upon, but that students will work together to eradicate.

For further information and assistance please visit the Alannah and Madeline website here.

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